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SAMPLESSamples of excursions 

SEE - Sit down and relax! Sights are coming to you - you only need to take care of the "seeing" part. Under this product group we offer the most comfortable bus tours, requiring minimum physical effort.

Only from Baltic Tours! 

This tour will give you an overview of the Old Town of Tallinn and also of the newer parts of the city. The walking tour gives an introduction to the historical heart of Tallinn, which was a rich and prosperous town of Hansa merchants, especially during the 15th century. Tour starts from the Dome Hill (Toompea), at Castle Square where Toompea Castle, the seat of the Estonian Parliament is facing the symbol of the 19th century's Tsar’s power in Estonia - Alexander Nevski Cathedral. After visiting the Dome Church (built in 13th century) and enjoying a breathtaking view from a viewing platform, the tour continues by strolling along the narrow cobblestone streets down to the Town Hall Square which features the gothic Town Hall from 13/14th century – one of the oldest in Northern Europe.
Bus tour introduces Kadriorg Park and the 18th century baroque palace of Peter the Great, Convent of St Bridget in the Pirita suburb and the famous Song Festival Grounds. We are heading towards Lasnamäe, passing by the big apartment building area from Soviet time, drive to Pirita and Viimsi residential district where we see nice family houses. Have a tastful lunch at boat-like restaurant Paat by the sea near Viimsi Open Air Museum. Drive back to the city centre.
Duration: ca 5,5 hrs
Participants: up to 90 persons

Taste the unbelievably good taste of golden beer!
Saku Brewery
The brewing traditions in Estonia and Livonia date back to 1820, when Count Karl Friedrich Rehbinder built a distillery and a brewery on his estate on the bank of the Vääna River. Since then, the beer masters of Saku have brewed good Estonian beer from the best local groundwater, malt, hops and yeast.
This beer traditions tour starts with the bus drive to Saku and to the Saku Manor. After a "Grand House Tour" and lunch you will be taken to the other side of the Vääna River, where the oldest Saku Brewery is located. You will spend time in the brewery learning a few facts about the production processes and you have chance to finish the day with tasting the products of Saku Brewery – water, soft drinks, cider, beer; beer training or an absolutely crazy Beer Afterparty. Bus ride back to Tallinn where you have time for shopping in the city centre.
Duration: 4 hours
Participants: 10 to 48 persons

Feel the history and explore the past!

Palmse manorBus-ride through the countryside and coastal lowlands and fisherman villages of North Estonia leads to National Park of Lahemaa.
Our trip will lead us to a swampland and forests of the largest national park in Estonia – Lahemaa. The park promotes the preservation and study of objects of historical, cultural, architectural and ethnographic value.
The main highlight of the tour is Palmse manor from 18th century. It was the first one in Estonia where all the buildings have been restored, thus giving an excellent opportunity to imagine what the life was like in a manor, which was an important economic and administrative unit for hundreds of years in Estonia. At the same time the tour provides the opportunity to compare manorial lifestyle to the way of life of Estonia’s fishermen and peasants, as en route small villages are passed.
We taste the genuine Estonian food at Altja tavern near the sea. Trip to Sagadi Manor, visit the main house and also Forest Museum.
Duration: ca 6,5 hrs
Participants: up to 90 person


Taste Latvian traditional food – rye dark bread and get know how to make it!

When Latvians talk about the national identity of their country, nothing can characterize it more precisely than genuine dark rye bread. Bakery "LACI" has been working already for 15 years. Bakery "LACI" is located just only 40 minutes driving from Riga centre!
Guide awaits you in bakery. Guide will tell you about the process of making bread and introduce the secrets of bakery. In the end of the tour you can taste different types of bread, enjoy little meat pies and garlic bread, spread hemp and herb butter on genuine rye bread, and in order to get more strength you will try real Latvian lard and for more health – with a tomato, a cucumber, a carrot, and, of course, for every gourmet – genuine bread soup and confectionery.
Duration: ca 3 hours
Participants: 10 to 30 persons

The excellent chance to feel yourselves duke or duchess!

Rundale Palace was built from 1736 to 1740 as a summer residence for the Duke of Courland Ernst Johann Biron,  favourite of the Russian Empress Anna Joanovna. The Palace was designed by the renowned Russian court architect F.B. Rastrelli and built under his supervision. The master of court’s ceremonies and the ladies of the duchess court meet you on the parade stairway and welcome to the Palace. The symbolic reception is held in Gold Hall by traditions of 18th century. One hour excursion through the private and state apartments of the palace with guide will give you an idea of the lifestyle of nobles of 18th century. The courtiers will invite you to the Marble Hall to dance minuet specially for you. Do you know the language of the fan? To get the basic knowledge of this art you can take some lessons in the Duchess boudoir. A the end of the tour the courtiers escort you to the French formal park, to take photo with courtiers. As well we advise you to have an noble lunch at the Palace restaurant.
Duration: ca 7 hours
Participants: 10 to 30 persons


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