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Workshops & Team Building 

Cooking course: 
Make your team-building event memorable by cooking together with your team! Share the emotions and good food with each other! You will prepare delicious snacks and delicacies under the guidance of the proffessional chef and you have the chance to discuss the issues of cooking with him as well. The cooking classes are a perfect way to share the experiences and thoughts.

Be an owner of a manor house:
How would you like to be an owner of a manor house? By participating in Sagadi manor teambulding game you will have an extraordinary opportunity to become one! In fact, the lord of Sagadi manor is going away on a long trip and is putting the manor up for rent. The tenant will be determined by a contest, in which a coat of arms game is being played and the mystery of the manor house will be solved.

Like Pieces on a Board:
This is a new team-building game that can be played everywhere at anytime, even in the dark or on a large parking lot. The players are "pieces" on a game board and the electronic game leader guides them on the landscape and poses questions. You do not need to run during the game, although the game is fast-moving and very exciting.

Porcelain painting workshop:
A creative porcelain painting workshop under suprevision of a famous Estonian artist Helina Tilk. Participants of the workshop can paint either white porcelain or pre-painted porcelain. It is possible to paint on cups, bowls, coffee sets, and similar items. Besides all the fun and discovering your creativity you will have self made souvenir to remember your trip!

Photo Hunt:
is really fun. To succeed in this photo shooting adventure participants act out their wildest ideas. Photos taken from the adventure will make you smile even years after. Photos are the “living proof” of how crazy you really are. And you get to know the place or the city you are playing it.

Marzipan- a well kept secret:
Did you know that marzipan was invented as a medicine in apothecary? Learn about marzipan and it´ s making and see how the real marzipan masters are working! Even more, be the craftsman yourself, sculpt your own statue, mix the marzipan colours and paint the statue. Besides all the fun, it tastes good as well!

Last update on 06. August 2020