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On a guided city sightseeing tour you will learn more about Helsinki, also called the "Daughter of the Baltic". Visible from afar is the Lutheran Cathedral, the majestic symbol of the city and a welcoming landmark for approaching ships. The City Hall and the Presidential Palace watch over the bustling and colourful Market Square, where stands groan under the weight of interesting wares, fruit, vegetables, flowers, Finnish specialities and art handicrafts. Right beside the Market Square is the Market Hall, a treasure trove of Finnish culinary delicacies. The Sibelius Monument, a huge steel structure resembling a set of organ pipes, symbolises the music of the greatest Finnish composer. An absolute must on a tour of Helsinki is a visit to the "Rock Church". The walls are of natural Finnish rock and the ceiling is faced with copper wire.

Duration: ca 7 hrs (fast ferry Tallinn-Helsinki-Tallinn, sightseeing in Helsinki 3hrs)
Participants: up to 50 persons/group

Last update on 25. January 2023