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Marzipan- a well kept secret:
Did you know that marzipan was invented as a medicine in apothecary? Learn about marzipan and it´ s making and see how the real marzipan masters are working! Even more, be the craftsman yourself, sculpt your own statue, mix the marzipan colours and paint the statue. Besides all the fun, it tastes good as well!

Surprise your clients or colleagues with a demo-day at the golf course! It doesn´t matter if they can or can not play golf- all will get the first knowlidge. Beside the golf-game you can launch your product there, organize a fashion show, degustations - you name it!

Rally racing:
LaitseRallyPark is the biggest Recreation and Motor Sport Centre in Estonia, about 30 minutes drive from Tallinn. This activity program includes a great opportunity to drive with a real racing car and a pure Soviet rally car, in addition you can bring to test your driving skills on a tricky car and hovercraft. For those who are brave enough to compete on rally racing the competition end with rewarding ceremony with trophies, sparkling wines and diplomas. To bring the speed down you will enjoy the beauty of the Unique cars from the 1920-ies.

Sailor tour on a historical schooner:
A fun marine tour with a wooden schooner "Kajsamoor" and old sailing songs and tunes. The ship departures from the Seaport harbour, which itself is a historical highlight of maritime and aviation of Estonia. During the sailing tour you can enjoy the picturesque views of Tallinn, hear adventures tails, tar-scented squeaking rigging, be part of old marine traditions and romantic sunsets. And if that is not enough, the Limpy Jonathans' secret Seawolf´ s recipe drinks will make your day! Cold buffet, hot and cold bevarages included.

Waves lapping against miles of untouched sea shore, 1500 sparsely populated islands and islets. Waterfowl and wildlife, wildflowers, wandering sheep and 19 hours of summer daylight- all off in Estonia’s western coast. Short island hikes through Estonian nature, introduction to cultural heritage which includes Russian czars, Vikings, Swedish fishing communities and Soviet military installations. Join for easy-going, professionally guided kayaking tours by Tallinn seashore or through Estonian islands and their treasures, past and present. The sea kayaks are stable, routes are safe and easily managed.

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